Super Strawberry Full Moon June 24th - WHAT ARE YOU MANIFESTING?

Super Strawberry Full Moon June 24th - WHAT ARE YOU MANIFESTING?

Block 5th

This past week you may have experienced very powerful + potent energy. Much has been happening in the Cosmos and we're going to break it all down for you! Earlier this week on June 21st the Summer Solstice took place - a very expansive time for change. 


The Summer Solstice marks the start of summer - it brings with it new opportunities for growth and sets the stage for the rest of the year. This is an amazing time to consciously manifest what you desire, expand your vision, and dream bigger. Is there more you desire for your relationships, your career, your health, for your love life? Ask the Universe for what you want and call it in during this time. Focus on breaking away from any limits you may have set for yourself and elevate beyond them. 


Following the Summer Solstice Mercury went out of retrograde June 22nd which it has been in since May 29th. The planet Mercury rules all areas of communication - you may have noticed heightened emotions around communication during the past month. Now is a good time to observe and release all that is no longer serving you as you prepare for the last Super Full Moon of 2021. 


Today is a Super Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn which will be felt for days before and days after due to its closeness to Earth. Full moons are a great time for closure of old cycles. If you are brave enough to release what is no longer aligning with your soul, you can clear space for new things to come into your world. What are you manifesting? 


 Block 11th

At THE LYFESTYLECO we have a manifestation practice we observe during each full moon. We believe in extra self love + self care during this intensified time. As this is a powerful portal for manifestation - we carve out time to intentionally envision what we desire and we ask the Universe for it. We'd like to share our process with you!

Step 1: Spray our all natural botanical ‘Sage Mist’ to cleanse your space of any negative or stagnant energy and prepare for letting go. 

Step 2: Light your Palo Santo stick and wave it around letting the smoke fill your space. This brings in positive energy after you have cleared out the stagnant energy. 

Step 3: Fill up a warm bath and toss in our 'Bath Soak" - our bath Soak contains Himalayan Sea Salt with minerals that nourish your body + soul. 

Step 4: Spray MOOD Perfume on neck + wrists to feel like the Goddess that you are. 

Step 5: Rub our all natural ‘Temple Rub’ on your temples for a calming sensation before you begin to manifest. 

Step 6: Grab your pencil and 'Manifestation Cards' and begin to intentionally ask for what you desire. Write down what you are grateful for + what you wish to call into your reality!

The Lyfestyle Co.


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