THE LIONSGATE 88 PORTAL – Supercharge Your Abundance + Claim Your Power!

THE LIONSGATE 88 PORTAL – Supercharge Your Abundance + Claim Your Power!
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THE LIONSGATE 88 PORTAL – Supercharge your abundance + CLAIM YOUR POWER

The Lionsgate Portal opens between July 26th – August 12th, peaking on the 8th day on the 8th month. The 8th day of the 8th month is a highly spiritual and charged time. In numerology, the number 8 is the number of Karma – the universal law of cause and effect. It also represents infinity – the infinite soul that we are and the truth of our timeless soul. It represents the “forever conscious” part of our soul; the soul that has lived and will continue to live long after this incarnation.

On 8/8 during the Lionsgate Portal peak, the bold Sun in Leo season aligns with the star Sirius. This combination of energy opens a cosmic portal that allows us to tap into high vibrational energy. During this time information flows through the cosmos sending us light codes and helping us ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

Ancients believed that the energy of Sirius carried highly advanced wisdom. When Sirius was strong in the sky, it was a time to tap into the powerful energy, and connect to your inner knowing and mindfulness.what are you manifesting?

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As the Lionsgate Portal opens, it is a good time to set our intentions and claim the powerful energy that we experience during this time. The universe is a direct reflection of the frequency you emit and the relationship you have with your own energy - what frequency are you emitting?  

We want to share with you some ways to claim this potent energy and speed up your manifestations during this time – 

1) Write Out Your Goals - when we write out our goals we develop a stronger conceptual understanding of them. It helps our mind process the information and creates a clearer grasp of our vision. A study by Dr. Gail Mathews showed that people who write their goals down are significantly more likely to complete them than people who simply verbalize their goals. Setting these powerful intentions on paper will aid you in manifesting what it is you desire. 

 2) Let Go of What's Not Serving You - while letting go can at times be a difficult and painful process, it is an inevitable part of life. Have you felt stagnant or dense energy in certain aspects of your life lately - maybe in your place of work, in your love life, in your relationships? Now is the time to release those heavy feelings. When we let go, we create space for new things to come. This space allows us to focus on our connection to receiving + prosperity. Be open and observant of what comes your way during this time.

 3) Spend More Time in Nature - Sirius has a very peaceful + calm vibration. Spending time in nature is a great way to tap into this peaceful energy and use it for healing. Sink your feet into the Earth, take a dip in the ocean, let the Sun shine on your skin. This time in nature is healing + restorative to your mind, body, and soul.   

4) Get Creative - Lionsgate is a highly creative time and the perfect opportunity to begin a new creative project. Whether it's expressing yourself through your clothing/ accessories, picking up a paintbrush, or taking a more playful approach to life - this is the time to get your creative juices flowing.  

5) Meditate - this time is great for connecting to your intuition. Do so by sitting in stillness and meditating. When the mind gets quite, we are open to receiving deeper knowings and insights. Absorb this powerful information and apply it. 


We wish you luck in your pursuits and we can't wait to hear all about your experience during The Lionsgate 88 Portal! 


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